Prospective Students

Appointment for key and rental contract Leiden

The appointment to collect your keys and/or to sign your contract takes place at Plexus, Kaiserstraat 25
in Leiden. Please book an appointment no later than 5 days before arrival. Please make sure to bring your passport/ID.

In case you are not able to make your first payment before arrival, you will have to do so during the appointment. We
accept Maestro, MasterCard and Visa. Cash payments can only be made at the GWK Travelex agency. Please see our
payment information.

In case you have not made an appointment through our schedule, you may come to Plexus during the indicated
appointment hours, where you can wait in line for a next available time slot, after which you can pick up your key at
caretaker DUWO. Students with an appointment receive priority.

Please note that Plexus is about a 20 minute walk from Leiden Central Station (map & directions). Buses and taxis leave from
the central square in front of the main entrance of Leiden Central Station.

You can take bus line 1 (direction 'Alrijne Ziekenhuis') or bus line 3 (direction 'Station De Vink') and get off at stop
'Paterstraat' (in front of the University Library). From here Plexus is about a 5 minute walk. You can plan your public
transport journey via Please note you will need a 'OV chip card' to travel on Dutch public transportation.

Arriving outside office hours
When you arrive outside office hours (i.e. in the evening or during the weekend) please make an appointment to sign your
contract and collect your key for the next working day (again no later than 5 days beforehand). For your
first night(s) you will then need to make your own arrangements for your overnight stay. Leiden's Tourist Information Centre
can assist you.

Web editor – 14/12/2017