17 January 2019

2018 Hall of Fame
Over the past year, many of our staff and students have won prizes, been awarded a substantial grant or been appointed to an academic association or a position in public life. All of these are good reasons to include them in our 2018 Hall of Fame. We are proud of them all.

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Female budgerigars like smart males

If male budgerigars can successfully open a puzzle box with food, they become more attractive to females.

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‘Music has so many positive effects’

This year, Leiden University celebrates its 444th birthday – and when you’re giving a party, you need great music!

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‘Cleveringa was more than a one-day hero’

In his biography about Professor Rudolph Cleveringa, Kees Schuyt adds to the image we already have of this famous Leiden professor.

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National Think Tank: a think tank and a do tank

From learning modules for primary schools to a ‘Fixer-Upper Day’ and from a platform for returning broken electronic devices to a call to government.

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Leiden University climbs international rankings on sustainability

Leiden University has climbed to 24th place in the UI Green Metric, an international sustainability ranking for universities.

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Replica of unique prehistoric sword unveiled in Oss
Unraveling the mysteries of Multiple Sclerosis
University Council and Executive Board agree quality agreements
Leiden starts exchange with Poland
Ancient populations pioneered the idea of recycling waste
Chemists solve persistent problem after four decades
'Time for a fundamental strategy on State aid to multinationals'
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Coming events
22 January: LLX round table on ‘Brexit, parliaments and the road ahead’
23 January: Sign language Recognition and Automatic Annotation
24 January Lunar New Year Celebration
From 25 January: Exhibition on 444 years of the city of Leiden and Leiden University
8 February: Dies Natalis 
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This month in The Hague
23 January: Lecture The Right to Effective Participation of Refugee and Migrant Children

Cucurachi, Behrens and Matthee are teacher, discoverer, and PhD candidate of 2018
Thesis prizes awarded at New Year’s Reception
Andrew Gawthorpe wins the Carla Musterd Award for Teaching
'Political Muslims: Understanding Youth Resistance in a Global Context' by Tahir Abbas and Sadek Hamid
'Benjamin’s Figures: Dialogues on the Vocation of the Humanities' edited by Madeleine Kasten, Rico Sneller, Gerard Visser
'Legibility in the Age of Signs and Machines' edited by Pepita Hesselberth, Janna Houwen, Esther Peeren and Ruby de Vos
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