14 February 2019

Leiden University celebrates 444th birthday with residents of Leiden and The Hague
Leiden University celebrated its 444th birthday with a historical procession on 8 February. It celebrated this year’s Dies Natalis in time-honoured fashion with a ceremony in the Pieterskerk, but broke with tradition by sending professors out to primary schools.

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A hornets’ nest: Leiden University during the Second World War

‘That hornets’ nest in Leiden must be destroyed,’ said Dutch National Socialist Party member Robert van Genechten in November 1942.

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International Labour Organization: tumult on the global labour market

On 7 February, Leiden University hosted the symposium celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the foundation of the ILO.

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Wanted: research questions for citizen science

Do you have a question about something that affects you, your neighbours or the whole city of Leiden or The Hague? Residents and scientists have until 15 March to send in any questions that they want to research.

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How meat substitutes in your lasagne can help save the planet

National Meat Free Week, from 11 to 17 March, encourages us to choose the environmentally friendly option more often.

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Robbert Dijkgraaf: ‘Diversity improves science’

Robbert Dijkgraaf talks about his Leiden honorary doctorate, the future of scientists and diversity in science.

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Table salt discovered around a young star
Festive celebration International Day of Women and Girls in Science in Leiden
Child abuse and professional confidentiality: ‘Focus on proper care, not on remaining silent’
A world without American domination?
SUNRISE: from sunlight to smart city
Could the General Data Protection Regulation save our online privacy?
Dutch universities give Open Access another boost
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15 February: Lecture The Japan-Korea History Problem
19 February: Career College: Working in Education
21 February: Lecture Free movement in the EU and its discontents: the limits of judicializing social rights
5 March: Conference Fairness and Transparency, towards responsible data science
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15 February: Conference 'The benefits of honours programmes for society at large'
20 February: Lecture: Cinema, US Intelligence, and the Second World War
20 February: Lecture ‘Me, Asian?!’ Mindfulness: Meditative Practices East to West
Royal honour for Professor Paul van der Heijden
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