14 March 2019

Economic expansion and land use cause bird extinction
Population growth, economic expansion and land use have caused an increase in the number of bird species facing extinction. These are the findings of an international team of scientists, also from Leiden University, in an article published in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

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Female professors from the present and the future

Role models are key to inspiring the next generation. Fifteen female professors celebrated International Women's Day with girls aged between 12 and 16.

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European City of Science: 'major showcase' for the city of Leiden

Leiden has been designated European City of Science 2022. The city's achievements as a city of science and innovation will be celebrated throughout the year.

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Neolithic house goes up in flames

Leiden archaeologists have set fire to a reconstructed Neolithic house in Horsterwold: all in the name of science.

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Minister Kaag: ‘A stable world doesn’t begin at the Dutch border’

How do you maintain diplomatic relations in a world of rising tensions? This was the theme of a guest lecture by Minister Sigrid Kaag at Campus The Hague.

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How biased information on the internet can influence research

The internet is a good place to rapidly collect large amounts of data. But if you don’t watch out you’ll collect very biased, one-sided data.

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Dutch Rectores Magnifici publish own work as Open Access
Eliza Steinbock: ‘My research is a kind of me-search’
‘Test medicines after five days’
Conversion of renewable raw materials on platinum shows unexpected behaviour
Cleaning up tuberculosis and salmonella infections
Positive assessment of teaching quality at Leiden University
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15 March: Master’s Open Day in Leiden and The Hague
21 March: Lecture Sylvestre Bonet 'Killing cancer cells with metals and light'
21-22 March: Conference 'Cryptic Identities. Historicizing the identity formation of persons with disabilities across the globe' 
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18 March: Book Launch 'Confronting Apartheid' by Prof. John Dugard
21 March: Seminar 'Great Expectation: Parent Aspirations, Children’s Academic Achievement and Its Effect on Citizen Satisfaction'
22 March: Water and Society Lab Conference 'U.N. World Water Day'

Seven Leiden researchers win 1.5m vici grants
Marc Koper receives the Netherlands Catalysis and Chemistry Award
Erasmus+ grant for project on heritage as bridge between Academy and Society
One million euros for research on migrant cultures in European Cities
Bachelor's and Master's Speckmann Awards 2019
Perspectives on Lived Religion
Language Planning as Nation Building. Ideology, policy and implementation in the Netherlands, 1750–1850
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