20 November 2014  
  Rights of the Child: better a good neighbour than a far-away friend

Regional organisations are better able to enforce compliance with children's rights than the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child with its limited powers. This is why we should embrace these organisations as our partners in the same fight, Julia Sloth-Nielsen, Professor of the Rights of the Child in Developing Countries, argued in her inaugural lecture on 17 November.

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  Top universities: give social sciences and humanities a stronger role

Academics, university administrators and policymakers from throughout the world will meet on 21 November in Leiden to debate how social sciences and humanities can contribute to combating global problems. Jet Bussemaker, Minister for Education, Culture and Science, will also be present.

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  Cleveringa lecture about the memories of World War II in Asia

Historian Carol Gluck will deliver a lecture on 26 November on collective memories of World War II, particularly in Asian countries. Her lecture will be at the annual anniversary of the lecture by Rudolph Cleveringa in 1940, protesting against the dismissal of Jewish colleague-professors.

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  Australia is criminalising boat refugees – will the EU follow?

In Australia, disadvantaged boat immigrants are increasingly seen and treated as criminals. Voices are also being raised in support of this kind of policy in Europe. PhD candidate Patrick van Berlo investigated the issue and will share his conclusions at one of the Cleveringa meetings on 23 November.

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  Three honorary doctorates at Dies Natalis 2015

Leiden University is to confer honorary doctorates on William Christie, Peter J. Katzenstein and Lilian Gonçalves-Ho Kang You on 9th February 2015. The doctorates will be awarded during the celebration of the 440th anniversary of the foundation of the University.

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November: Bachelor's Information Days
21 November: Redesigning a teacher education programme: a practice-based vision
26 November: Cleveringa Lecture by Carol Gluck
Around 26 November: Worldwide Cleveringa meetings 
4 December: Lecture 'The European Parliament's Efforts to Advance International Human Rights’
5 December: ‘From the cleanliness to the purity: bodily care in Buddhist monasteries from India to China’  
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