17 March 2014  
  ‘Arab Springs provide momentum for women’
The Arab women are coming! That was Kim Ghattas’s message on 6 March in the 25th Annie Romein-Verschoor Lecture. It won’t be easy and it could take a long time, but they can do it. The Arab Springs have inspired them, and they’re not letting go of that.
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  Strengthening Leiden's links with Indonesia
Strengthening our contacts with Indonesia and exploring new opportunities for academic partnerships. These were the aims of a four-day visit to Jakarta and Yokyakarta at the end of February by a delegation from Leiden University.
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  Female birds sing much more often than previously thought
In 71% of all songbird species with available data, the female sings too. This is remarkable because in the wake of Darwin’s theory of evolution, birdsong has generally been seen as a characteristic of male birds, allowing them to compete with other males and attract females. Leiden biologist Katharina Riebel published this finding on 4 March in Nature Communications, together with an international team.
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  Leiden in range 81 - 90 Times Higher Education Reputation Rankings
Leiden University is one of the four Dutch universities in the top 100 of the World Reputation Rankings published by Times Higher Education (THE).
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  Glimmer of light in the search for dark matter
The Leiden astrophysicist Alexey Boyarsky and his fellow researchers may have identified a trace of dark matter that could signify a new particle: the sterile neutrino. A research group in Harvard reported a very similar signal just a few days earlier.
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  Access to Leiden University difficult during nuclear summit
Leiden University and Campus The Hague are open as usual during the Nuclear Security Summit on 24 and 25 March, but will be difficult to reach by car and public transport.
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  Leiden through the eyes of...
Brianna Valois from the US: 'Students in Leiden are more independent'

  International students
Masterclass by Ala'a Basatneh: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator
Register for the Humanities Career Event
Sheryl Lynn Baas nominated for ECHO Award

  International Staff
P&O News 4 March

  Leiden Classics
The Leiden Observatory, the world’s oldest university observatory

The Secret Lives of Art Works’, ed. by Caroline van Eck, Joris van Gastel and Elsje van Kessel

  Coming events
18 March: Lunch meeting Inspiration Lab Disarmament & Terrorism
18 March: Lecture 'Heritage, Culture, and Politics in the Buddhist Himalayas'
20 March: Debate on The North Korea Inquiry: Expectations, Methodology and Follow-Up
27 March, 2014: Social Sciences Career Event
28 March: Gendered Innovations Symposium
10 April: Humanities Career Event 2014
11 April: Japanese visual story telling in the 17th century

Leiden Wins Dutch National Rounds of the Jessup

Leiden Law Blog: Towards A Global Insolvency Convention?
Leiden Psychology Blog: Why asking Russians to be empathetic leads to increased anti-gay prejudice

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