19 November 2015  
  Cleveringa lecture: ‘Values under threat from disintegrating European collaboration’

Collaboration within Europe is currently at a low ebb. This is threatening to undermine our freedom and the rights that are anchored in the European legal order, says Piet Hein Donner, Vice-President of the Council of State and Cleveringa professor at Leiden University for 2015. His lecture on 26 November will address possible future directions for Europe.

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  Dialects as the key to Japanese prehistory

Japanese was not always the language spoken in Japan. Researchers link the arrival of the language in Japan with the migration of farmers around 400 BC. Linguist Elisabeth de Boer has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant to carry out research on the further spread of the language in Japan.

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  ‘Internationalise universities, but preserve European values’

European higher education may benefit from becoming even more international, but universities should protect European values such as participation and freedom of thought. This was the position taken by European Commissioner Navracsics on 10 November in a debate with Minister Bussemaker and students at Campus The Hague.

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  Wanted: bacteria that allow plants to flourish

Plants love favourable microbes such as bacteria and fungi: they grow better and become healthier. Jos Raaijmakers, Professor of Microbial Ecology, is in search of the right microbes to be used in agriculture. Inaugural lecture 13 November.

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  ‘The Honours College has transformed me into an active student’

‘When I look back on the honours programme, all I can do is smile. It has transformed me into a student who thinks in terms of opportunities and solutions,’ said Roos ter Elst, student of Education and Child Studies, at the ceremony for the award of Honours certificates to bachelor’s students, on 6 November in the Hooglandse Kerk.

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  Daredevil behaviour of young people due to active reward centre in the brain

Young people tend to take more risks than children or adults. This trend is related to the reward centre in the brain, which is much more active when they are rewarded, PhD candidate Barbara Braams discovered. Personality, testosterone levels and social context also play a role in risk-taking.

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  Read the online magazine about diversity and inclusivity

Leiden University actively promotes diversity and inclusion. In the online magazine Diversity and Inclusion you can read all about the symposium, the exhibition and what the University is doing to make sure that all students and staff feel welcome at our University.

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On or around 26 November: Cleveringa lectures around the world
28 November: LUC The Hague - Experience Day
29 November 2015: Eureka Festival
2 December: Linguistics film night ’Is the man who is tall happy?’ Documentary about Noam Chomsky
2 December: Studium Generale lecture on the European debt crisis
10 December: Fifth Raymond and Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture on Human Rights by Rt. Hon. Lady Justice Arden, DBE
11 December: Agile for Excellence - Agile transformations in large-scale and regulated environments
The Correspondence of Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia, by Dr Nadine Akkerman
The Rise and Decline of an Iberian Bourgeoisie, by Dr J. Fynn-Paul
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