18 June 2014  
  Historian Carol Gluck is Leiden's new Cleveringa professor

The American historian and Japan specialist Carol Gluck is the new Leiden Cleveringa professor for the 2014–2015 academic year. On 26 November 2014 she will give the Cleveringa inaugural lecture, in which she will examine how World War II is commemorated in Asia.

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  Spinoza prizes for physicist Dirk Bouwmeester and archaeologist Corinne Hofman

Of the four Spinoza prizes this year, two have been awarded to Leiden scientists: physicist Dirk Bouwmeester and archaeologist Corinne Hofman. This was announced by the NWO on 6 June during the Bessensap science event in Utrecht.

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  What system of monitoring can best stimulate the quality of higher education?

Universities themselves should be trusted to safeguard the quality of their education. That was the position taken by most of the participants in the symposium on 3 June on international trends in educational accreditation. The question is: to what extent?

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  Minister Bussemaker: 'Honours education is for competent rebels, too’

Should we mollycoddle average students or challenge them with an honours education? This was the central question during the debate on 26 May under the watchful eye of Minister Jet Bussemaker. She herself adopted the position: ‘Don’t give André Kujipers a paintbrush.’

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  Persuasive communication has pitfalls

Industrial organisations often use communication to convince the public of their good intentions concerning the environment, writes organisational psychologist Gerdien de Vries in her dissertation. But this strategy has some pitfalls. Dissertation defence on 18 June.

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  Coming Events
6 June–1 October: New exhibition in Leiden University 'Books, Crooks and Readers'   
17-20 June: Leiden Law Festival 
19 June: Series of lectures on Political Violence
21 June: Midsummer Night Festival Hortus botanicus
26-27 June: Symposium on English Usage Guides (Cambridge)  
18-22 August: Big Data for Peace Summer School

More events
Marie Louise Stig Sørenson awarded a Rigmor and Carl Holst-Knudsen 2014 award
Yannis Kyriakides awarded first prize in International Rostrum for Composers
Roberta D'Alessandro granted Cavaliere dell'Ordine della Stella d'Italia
War, Entrepreneurs, and the State in Europe and the Mediterranean (edited volume by Jeff Fynn-Paul)
Leiden Anthropology Blog: Approaching Carthage  
Leiden Safety and Security Blog, Debating cyber- surveillance   
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