18 December 2014  
  Leiden University sends you season's greetings, and wishes you a a happy and healthy New Year.  
  The story behind the discovery that turned archaeology on its head

The discovery of an ancient engraving on a half a million-year-old shell happened by chance, says archaeologist José Joordens. She led the investigation into the oldest engraving ever found. What is the story behind this discovery?

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  Leiden University investing in new online courses

In the coming years Leiden University’s Executive Board will be investing 1.4 million euros in the production of new online courses. In 2015 and 2016, a total of 15 new MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) and 10 new SPOCs (Small Private Online Courses) will be introduced.

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  Get to know Gerard Persoon and discover the world of indigenous peoples

Gerard Persoon, Professor of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, studied how indigenous peoples in the rainforests of Indonesia and the Philippines live and how they respond to the influences of the modern world. Thre is now an online dossier available on his work.

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  Leiden technology in rainbow artwork at Amsterdam CS

The Leiden astronomers Frans Snik and Michiel Rodenhuis developed the technology for the Rainbow Station artwork. Since 11 December, this large projected rainbow of light can be seen every day after sunset on the outside of the Central Station in Amsterdam. ‘We had to design light that would not blind the train drivers’.

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  How long-concealed ‘comfort women’ changed the criminal code

Individual testimonies about the war are a powerful weapon. ‘Brave people such as Cleveringa and former "comfort women" dared to speak up and helped create a better future,’ Japanologist Carol Gluck said in her Cleveringa Lecture on 26 November.

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  Universities stand up en masse for humanities and social sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences deserve solid financing and effective support so that as many people as possible can benefit from good teaching and research. In a meeting attended by Jet Bussemaker Minister of Education, Culture and Science, seven university networks signed a declaration in Leiden setting out these plans.

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  View from abroad
Carel Stolker in China: 'We can learn so much from one another'
  Leiden Classics
Bibliotheca Thysiana, a 17th century time machine
  International students
What are your plans for Christmas? (YouTube video)
25 December: Christmas Dinner at a local church
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Leiden University introduces SURFdrive
  Coming events
8 -9 January: Workshop 'Female Islamic Authority in Comparative Perspective'
21-23 January: ILS conference ‘Room for reflection’
29-30 January: LUCAS International Graduate Conference 2015 ‘Breaking the Rules!’
9 February: Dies Natalis
Anthe Janssen receives Unilever Research Prize 2014
Toon Kerkhoff wins the G.A. van Poelje prize
Quentin Bourgeois, winner of the W.A. van Es Prize 2014
Accent Building by Dick Smakman
Leiden Law Blog: The Children’s Rights Monitor 2014
Leiden Psychology Blog: 2toDrive: Making adolescents better drivers
Leiden Safety and Security Blog: Urban Public Safety
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