16 April 2015  
  Better, faster and earlier diagnosis with new Metabolomics Facility

On Friday 17 April Leiden Mayor Henri Lenferink will officially open the new Metabolomics Facility of Leiden University. The facility’s ultimate goal is to prevent disease and to improve health throughout the human lifespan.

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  Children with autism spectrum disorder are empathic

Children with autism spectrum disorder are able to empathise with others. However, they can be quickly overwhelmed by other people's emotions, which may make them more aggressive. These are the newest insights from research by developmental psychologist Carolien Rieffe and her colleagues.

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  Wilders presents his opinions as facts

Geert Wilders has begun to present his political opinions as facts. This is the conclusion of Maarten van Leeuwen, who recently completed a dissertation on the language use of Wilders, Vogelaar and Pechtold. As part of his investigation he considers an aspect that has thus far received too little attention: grammar.

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  ‘Tobacco is cultivated with the devil’s piss’

While studying Islam in Central Africa, Arabist Dorrit van Dalen has discovered traces of the teachings of influential, but largely forgotten, Islamic scholar Muhammad al-Wali. Her PhD defence is scheduled for 22 April.

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  ‘Studying English gave me a fertile humus layer of world literature’

Author Gustaaf Peek, who has been nominated for the Libris Literature Award, studied English Language and Literature in Leiden. ‘I completely submersed myself in literature during my studies, and the effects are still with me today.'

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  Data science can reduce likelihood of virus outbreaks

Data science is of vital importance in preventing future outbreaks of viruses, Professor of Data Science Aske Plaat argues. Inaugural lecture entitled ‘Data Science and Ebola’ on 13 April.

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21 April: Practical Ways to Engage Society
22 April: Colloquium on Manuscripts and Digital Humanities
23 April: Correct your English Language Day!
23 April: Workshop 'Muslim scholars in Africa, past and present'
4-9 May: Jessica Rawson lectures on The Steppe and the Silk Roads, China’s Interactions with its neighbours
7 May: IIAS-Delft seminar on Urban Asia
Victorian Fairy Tales, edited by Michael Newton
Between Colombo and the Cape, translated and annotated by Herman Tieken
Conversations of Motherhood, by Ksenia Robbe
Key Issues in Historical Theory, by Herman Paul
Outstanding Dissertation Award to psychologist Hanneke Hendriks
Leiden Psychology: Equal Opportunities
LIBC: Less focused on recurrent bad feelings through probiotics
Leiden Safety and Security: Foreign fighters remain alien within IS  
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