20 January 2015  
  Children already capable of self-control at an early age

Children learn how to control and slow down their own behaviour at an early age. This important skill initially requires a lot of brain activity, but becomes more and more efficient as they grow older and become adolescents, concludes PhD candidate Margot Schel.

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  Dies Natalis 2015

Leiden University will celebrate its 440th anniversary, on Monday 9 February 2015 at 14:30 hrs., in the Pieterskerk Leiden. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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  Extreme obesity calls for individualized medication

Doctors and pharmacists often do not take obesity into account when prescribing medication. For this, more insight into the influence of obesity on the distribution and elimination of drugs is of the utmost importance. This is emphasized by Catherijne Knibbe in the most recent issue of the Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology

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  Memorable teachers: the three nominees for the Teaching Prize

Practising in the board room, inviting a marine officer to class, or inviting your students to take care of crocodiles. Three lecturers have been shortlisted for the Leiden Teaching Prize for best teacher. What is the secret of Anita van Dissel, Harmen Jousma and Jan van der Ploeg? The winner will be announced during the Dies celebration on 9 February.

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  Hall of fame 2014

In 2014, staff and students of Leiden University received prizes and prestigious subsidies for their research, education and studies. We are proud to present you with this overview.

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  Coming events
20 January: 'Libya Since the 2011 Revolution’, lecture by Prof. Dirk Vandewalle
29-30 January: 'Breaking the Rules with the LUCAS International Graduate Conference 2015'  
4 February: Lecture 'The West and the Islamic State'
by Prof. Maurits Berger
9 February: Dies Natalis 2015
17 February: Lecture 'Towards Sage or Zombie? Reconsidering Mindfulness and Self-Transformation'
17 February: FameLab at Leiden University: Let’s talk science… in just 3 minutes!  
Discoverer of the Year, best dissertation and Education Award 2014
Dennis Claessen, Teacher of the Year 2014
Annelien Zweemer, Discoverer of the Year 2014
Institute of Psychology Awards 2014  
Exploring and Explaining Diversity in Agricultural Technology
Power, Politics and the Cults of Isis

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