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2nd Leiden University
International Symposium on Ranking
2 & 3 February 2007
Leiden, The Netherlands

Audiance of the Rankings I symposium, February, 2006

It is clear from those who go out to recruit talented students for their university that many prospective students consult global rankings. This increases the imperative to deal with this issue. For this reason, Leiden University has taken a lead in Europe to address this issue and wants to continue the excellent dialogue that was started at the 1st Leiden University International Symposium on Ranking held in February 2006.

The second edition of this symposium wants to explore reactions to this phenomenon of international ranking. The symposium will review and update you on ranking systems.

Furthermore, it will explore views on ranking from a diversity of perspectives. Deliberations from the International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) will be explained, bibliometric studies will be considered, and the ways in which universities can deal with rankings in their international positioning will be explored. Finally, several presidents from renowned universities that operate in different contexts will give their views on how to further develop their universities and to strive for excellence.
Given that ranking is here to stay results in the rising of the question how institutions are affected by this and, more importantly, what they can do to protect their international positioning to facilitate their quest for attracting talented students and staff.

Themes: "Ranking, how should universities respond?"

Aim of the symposium is to give participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on how to deal with rankings.

Themes that will be discussed in the three sessions are:

  1. An update on ranking systems
  2. Views on ranking and international positioning of universities under the influence of rankings
  3. How by way of example, several universities are
    responding to the global challenge to build a world
    class university.

These themes will be discussed by experts from the field of rankings and by university presidents.

Speakers and chairs include:

  • Dr Jan Sadlak (Director UNESCO - CEPES)
  • Prof Detlef Mueller-Boeling (Director CHE)
  • Prof Guido Langouche (Chairman Coimbra Group of Universities)
  • Dr Jamie Merisotis (President, Institute for Higher Education Policy,
    Washington DC)
  • Dr Gero Federkeil (Program Director CHE), Mr Bob Morse (Editor US News & World Report)
  • Prof Anthony van Raan (Director CWTS - Leiden University)
  • Prof Alan Gilbert (Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester)
  • Dr Robert Coelen (Vice-President International - Leiden University)
  • Dr Ellen Hazelkorn (Director Dublin Institute of Technology and Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Dublin)
  • Prof. Marijke van der Wende (Chair CHEPS, Twente University) 

 All speakers


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